The only way we could feel comfortable in delivering you the safest e-liquid possible is by controlling the process ourselves. We have our own fully cGMP compliant manufacturing facility in New Jersey, 100% of our e-juice is made here in the USA. Our operations team has spent over 20 years in chemical manufacturing and testing, and that experience gives us true quality control ready to meet FDA standards.

All of our e-liquid flavors use only USP Certified PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), and nicotine, but none of our flavors contain acetoin, acetyl propionyl, or diacetyl. Every bottle of our vape juice comes with Child Resistant Cap (CRC) bottles.

From start to finish safety is a top priority at Cloudride because as vapers we’re trying to make smarter choices, and the smartest choice is to stay ahead of the safety curve. For a tasty choice, check out our C9 Collection.

Analytical Laboratory


At Cloudride we pledge to always be truthful and upfront about the safety concerns of our products. We believe in science and data and will never make any claims based on anecdotal or unfounded evidence.

What we do know:

  • Tobacco currently kills approximately 6 million people every year
  • More than 16 million Americans are currently living with a disease caused by smoking
  • Public Health England, part of the UK’s Department of Health, reported that e-liquid is 95% less harmful than tobacco
  • There is not a single death worldwide attributed to e-liquid use

We encourage more long term testing concerning the safety and efficacy of e-liquids and vape juice so a definitive answer to this question can be provided. We do know under no uncertain terms that tobacco kills, and currently e-liquid provides an alternative choice that has not.