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Our finest work, the C9 is an exclusive selection of our tastiest e-liquid creations.

Tabac Elope | Best tasting tobacco e-liquid & vape juice Tabac Elope

Cured Virginia and graham tobaccos rolled in fresh cantaloupe and finished with a tiny touch of butter...

$ 20.00

Share A Moya vape juice from Cloudride | Best cherimoya e-liquid Share A Moya

Mark Twain called cherimoya "the most delicious fruit known to man", need we say more? What if it's fl...

$ 20.00

Perfect Piña vape juice from Cloudride, the best pineapple e-liquid Perfect Piña

A pair of perfectly ripe pineapple flavors blended with a creamy combination of orange, tangerine, and...

$ 20.00

Smokey Oakey vape juice from Cloudride Smokey Oakey

Aged oak wood tinged with smoke and sprinkled with brown sugar evokes warm memories of swapping storie...

$ 20.00

Lovin' Ylang vape juice from Cloudride Lovin' Ylang

Ylang ylang and vanilla married together with a dash of coconut and sweetness make this a taste you wi...

$ 20.00

Tale of Taro vape juice from Cloudride Tale Of Taro

Falling right in the middle of earthy and sweet the taro root of SE Asia makes for a truly unique tast...

$ 20.00

Classic Collection

Simple and clean, the CloudRide Classic e-liquid line brings you vape juice flavors loved the world over.

Tabac Relax from $ 8.00
Tabac Robust from $ 8.00
Sold Out
Menthol from $ 8.00
Sweet Treat from $ 8.00
Morning Latte from $ 8.00
Ooooh Berry from $ 8.00
Sold Out
Apple Hookah from $ 8.00
Figtastic from $ 8.00
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