What you need to know about vape flavors and vape juice

What you need to know about vape flavors and vape juice

What you need to know about vape flavors and vape juice

Vaping is enjoyed by many people around the world. Here is a guide to the lingo and flavors of vaping.

What is Vape Juice?

If you’re new to vaping, the terminology might seem mind-boggling. Wondering what vape juice is and whether it’s the same as e-liquid? Well, there may be loads of names for it, but they all mean the same thing. Vape Juice, e-liquid, mod-juice or e-juice is a fluid that is poured into the tank of an e-cigarette or vape. When this liquid is heated up in the chamber of the e-cigarette, the liquid produces vapor. This is inhaled and exhaled by the user, usually delivering nicotine to your body.

What’s in Vape Juice?

Not a lot! You might think that vape juice is filled with some of the harmful chemicals you’d find in cigarettes, but that is simply not true. With the exception of nicotine, you’re going to find all the ingredients in your average vape juice right in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet.

On average, vape juice contains just four ingredients.

Propylene Glycol - PG

Used by the food industry, this chemical is made to food-safe standards. This part of the ingredients carries the nicotine and the flavor.

Vegetable Glycerin - VG

This ingredient comes from plant oils and produces the vapor in the e-cigarette. It’s food-safe and used as a sweetener and thickener.

Food flavorings

Used in many of the foods we consume, this ingredient brings the flavor to the vape juice.

The flavoring can vary significantly. There’s an incredibly broad range of taste combinations out there just waiting to be tried. Tobacco, fruit, desserts or even menthol are just a snapshot of the fantastic flavors all aimed at giving you that perfect vaping experience.


This is the ingredient that people may be concerned about, but it’s not as dangerous as you think. What you do need to be aware of is that nicotine can be very addictive. Our bodies can get quite used to the intake of nicotine and really crave it when we have not had it for some time. Vaping, however, offers the user a much lower dose of nicotine. People who are thinking about vaping to reduce their nicotine intake are making the sensible and healthier choice. Vaping is recommended as a safer and healthier alternative to cigarettes.


As with everything in life, e-juice is available with the ingredients mixed in different ratios. Knowing what these variations are and how they are going to affect the vape can make the difference between you finding the perfect vape or really not enjoying the experience at all. It’s worth looking into what these ratios mean so you can make the right choice for you.

How do I choose an E- Liquid flavor?

In the past, vapers were mainly smokers who were trying to wean themselves off cigarettes. They tended to opt for tobacco or menthol flavors so they were able to recreate the experience of a cigarette without the thousands of harmful chemicals. However, with the dawn of people vaping for the enjoyment and taste, there has been a revolution in choice. So many vapers are now opting for deliciously fruity or comforting dessert flavors.

In all honesty, the only way you’re going to find the blend that’s going to take you to your happy place is by trying them. Check out our tips on the right vape for you to learn more about finding that perfect blend.

We can tell you a little bit more about the popular e juices out there.

Dessert Flavor

If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth or harbor a nostalgic desire to be taken back to the creamy puddings of your childhood, look no further than Cloudride’s Delicious Share A Moya with Cookie Crumble Vape. The custard apple flavor of this vape that brings a creamy-doughy flavor on the exhale is a real treat.

Cloudride’s Delicious Share A Moya with Cookie Crumble Vape

Fruit Flavor

Sadboy Strawberry Blood is a refreshing strawberry vape that isn’t overly sweet or overpowering. This one is a great all-day vape.

Menthol Flavor

Naked Melon is a menthol fruit blend offering you a cool menthol hit behind a fruity pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew burst. It’s a clean vape that will leave you feeling refreshed and alive.

Tobacco Flavor

Tobacco Flavor

Naked American Patriot offers you a smooth, classic tobacco taste with a vanilla and fruity hint. This flavor will give you that back-of-the-throat hit you love, especially if you’re an ex-smoker.


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