What Nicotine Strength Should I Vape?

What Nicotine Strength Should I Vape?

What Nicotine Strength Should I Vape?

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If you’ve decided that you want to try out vaping and can’t resist the Chocolate Cake Juice or want to try out our Tabac Relax formulation, one of the first questions you need to answer is what nicotine strength you need. The most common strengths available are 0mg, 3 (0.3 per cent) mg, 6 (0.6 per cent) mg, and 12 (1.2per cent) mg, but which one is the best choice for you? Here's some help deciding!

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How much nicotine do you need?

The amount of nicotine your vape juice should contain will depend on a range of factors, from the reason you are vaping to your smoking history. If you are trying to quit cigarettes, for example, you want to take into account how much nicotine you were taking in before and whether you are planning to reduce this with the aim of giving up completely and vaping nicotine-free or low nicotine juices.

The aim is to find the right balance for you. This should ensure that your nicotine cravings are kept under control without having too much and spoiling the vaping experience.

Other factors that will affect your choice include the type of vaping device you are using and the effect you want your choice to have. There are some that will offer a bigger hit similar to smoking cigarettes, while others deliver a far gentler experience.

Understanding the difference between vaping and smoking

It is important to understand the differences between vaping and smoking in order to get the nicotine strength you need right. You may be tempted to choose your nicotine strength based on a similarity between that and how much you would find in a cigarette, but this is not taking into account how smoking and vaping absorb nicotine differently. In general, there will be around 10 to 14mg of nicotine in a cigarette, but you will only absorb around 1 to 1.5mg.

You don’t get the same amount of nicotine in your bloodstream from vaping, and this demonstrates how different the two things are and why trying to make like-for-like comparisons simply won’t work. It is estimated that newer-generation vaping devices boost bloodstream nicotine levels by between 35 and 72 percent, and it takes around 35 minutes to reach the same level as it would from a cigarette, meaning a slower "burn" effect.

Choose your device

You need to choose your device to suit your nicotine needs. It is worth noting that newer vaping devices will generally be the most efficient when it comes to delivering both the flavor and the nicotine you want. Sub-ohm devices are a good choice if you want the best nicotine boost thanks to their powerful batteries that increase vapor production. You will find that you can often afford to use lower nicotine juices if you choose one of the more efficient devices. The most popular nicotine levels for sub-ohm users are 3mg and 6mg.

Choose your device

The more nicotine contained in the juice, the harsher the throat hit you will get. This is often called nicotine bite. It is not recommended that you go above 12mg of nicotine in sub-ohm devices, and you need to be wary of the cumulative effect of chain vaping. It takes a while for the nicotine to get in your bloodstream, so chain vaping can result in a nicotine accumulation that causes dizziness, headaches, nausea, and dehydration.

Assess your smoking history

If you are making the move from smoking cigarettes to vaping, your smoking history and intentions should determine how much nicotine you choose. In general, here are a few pointers for determining what you should try:

Wanting to quit nicotine? Go for a 0mg juice

Light smoker (under half a pack a day)? 3mg

Moderate smoker (half pack a day)? 6mg

Heavy smoker (whole pack)? 12mg

You may also want to think about the type of cigarettes you smoked. If you are used to fuller-flavor choices, for example, you might want to start out with 12mg rather than 6mg.

Another factor will be how much you intend to vape in terms of the frequency you will be using your device. You may want to choose a lower nicotine strength if you enjoy vaping very frequently in order to benefit from the cumulative effect, or you might prefer using a 12mg juice and vaping more sparingly. This will all come down to personal preference and a little bit of trial and error as you start your vaping journey.


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