Top 5 Watermelon Flavored Vape Juices

Top 5 Watermelon Flavored Vape Juices

If you’re looking to distance yourself as far from tobacco as possible, there’s little to rival watermelon juice in your vape. Imagine crisp clouds of fresh fruit rather than acrid smoke thick in the air.

Whether you like your watermelon vape juice straight up or mixed, we’ve got five of the best e-liquids on the market for you. The only question that remains is which one will you try first?

Mod Fuel Redstone Watermelon E-Juice

Maybe the idea of mint turns your stomach. All you want is pure watermelon, but you're sick of limp juice that fails to deliver. Well, you’re in luck with Redstone by the stellar Mod Fuel. What makes this liquid so good, then?

From the point of inhaling, you won’t be dominated by sweetness, but you’ll get that full hit of the cooling freshness you want from watermelon. With 70% vegetable glycerin to 30% propylene glycol, you’ll get swirling vape clouds along with an easier time inhaling.

For a slice or two of watermelon without those troublesome seeds, treat yourself to some Redstone and enjoy untainted freshness throughout the summer and year-round.

VAPOR4LIFE Watermelon E-Liquid

VAPOR4LIFE brings you pocket-friendly watermelon vape juice in a couple of versions, but what’s the difference between them?

If you’re looking for a classic sweet finish, roll with the WOW line. If you prefer a degree of tartness, the Premium liquid offers you the same cooling freshness with an extra bite. Think of this juice as a sweet and sour overload. If you want something to complement that Chinese takeout or BBQ, try some of this juice.

You'll get ample clouds from this liquid, but the Premium line, in particular, packs quite a punch. When you want a stronger throat hit, this watermelon liquid is a modern classic.

Cloudride Watermelon Menthol E-Liquid

If you love your watermelon juice undercut with mint, this awesome mix from Cloudride delivers.

You’ll enjoy a cool inhale followed by the developed sweetness of watermelon with a lingering trace of mint after you’ve exhaled thick clouds. Most of the watermelon flavor kicks in at low to medium wattage. Jack the wattage up and the mint becomes more prominent.

With a PG/VG ratio of 20/80, you might take a slight hit on the way the flavor is carried, but the vegetable glycerin guarantees fat clouds. You’ll also find the VG easier on your throat.

Consumed neat, watermelon can be slightly cloying. Teamed up with menthol like this, you’ll get the benefits without the drawbacks—so what are you waiting for? Check this juice out right here.

Chubby Bubble Bubble Melon E-Juice

What can you do if watermelon isn't sweet enough for you? How about throwing in some melon bubblegum for a juice that’s lip-smackingly enticing?

You’ll get a subtle and even inhale of watermelon that becomes gradually lighter as you exhale. The taste combined with that fragrant cloud that hovers make this a real crowd-pleaser. With a 70/30 blend of VG/PG, this juice offers robust and smooth clouds without too much of a throat hit.

For an interesting blend from a brand you can trust, Chubby Bubble is a must-try.

Draco Vapors Straw-Melon Slush E-Juice

What could be better than slices of iced and fresh watermelon?  How about throwing in some strawberries on top for a feast of flavor and sweetness? The aim of this juice was to serve up the experience of a highly sugared slush drink in a vape liquid, and Draco has pulled that off impeccably.

Strawberry comes out tasting like more of a simple extra shot of sweetness than a bona fide blend, but the combination works wonderfully. With an 80/20 mix of VG/PG, you’ll get billowing clouds with a superb, lingering fragrance.

So, which one of these watermelon bad boys will you be racking up today? Drop us a line and let us know how you got on and come back soon!


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