Vape Juice Contaminants and Why E-Liquid Quality is Important

Vape Juice Contaminants and Why E-Liquid Quality is Important

Vape Juice Contaminants and Why E-Liquid Quality is Important

Vaping is hailed as the solution to the health issues connected to smoking, but those trying to make a healthier lifestyle choice than tobacco might be inadvertently opening themselves up to harmful bacteria by choosing poor-quality, contaminated vape juices. Here is our guide on why the quality of the E-liquid that vapers use is so important.

Vape juice contaminants

Standards of cleanliness, quality control and facilities can vary vastly between vape juice manufacturers. These all help to determine the quality of the E-liquid they create. The possibility of a contaminated vape juice increases when manufacturers do a poor job and compromise on quality control to produce cheap, low-quality products. This then impacts greatly on the quality of the vaping experience.

Vape juice contaminants

A 2019 study by experts at Harvard University found that in tests of 75 popular cartridges and e-liquids, 23 percent contained traces of endotoxin (a microbial agent), while 81 percent contained traces of glucan (found on the cell walls of fungi). Exposure to these can be associated with some health problems, including respiratory issues. The Harvard experts have asked that their findings be used when developing future regulatory policies for e-cigarettes.

Another study carried out in Australia tested a range of E-liquids and found some to contain byproducts of animal or human bodily functions, as well as ingredients used in the manufacturing of soaps and detergents. All of this means vapers need to really consider the quality and pedigree of the vape juice they are using.

How to reduce the risk of contaminated vape juice

The reputation of a vape juice manufacturer and the quality control procedures they put in place are key to reducing the risk of contaminants. It pays to research various brands and their products to understand how they are tested and produced. Cloudride, for example, ensures the quality of its products by applying pharmaceutical grade Current Good Manufacturing Processes as opposed to food grade standards. Research the vape juice manufacturer you are using to see what standards and procedures they put in place to reduce the risk of contamination. The FDA also has a checklist in place for both vape manufacturers and retailers to ensure good standards are being upheld. All E-liquid manufacturers must submit to the FDA a list of all ingredients that are used in any part of an e-cigarette or vaping product.

Why E-liquid quality is so important to vapers

Your vaping device might be top-notch, but ultimately, what you put into it is of paramount importance. Using a high-quality E-liquid is so important for a number of reasons, including your health and your enjoyment. We have already discussed how poor-quality, cheap E-liquid can contain harmful bacteria, causing illness and posing a risk to health. On top of that, a poor-quality E-liquid will usually be compromised when it comes to taste, too. Higher-quality E-liquids will taste exactly as they are supposed to, while poor-quality ones will often not achieve the same flavor they promise to give. Always look for good-quality options that will deliver on taste.

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Cloudride vape juices are created by chefs and tested by scientists, ensuring great quality, safety and flavor. Better-quality E-liquids will allow you to experience new more complex and nuanced tastes and flavors, such as the All Chocolate Cake Vape E-Juice or Figtastic Rich Nougat Vape E-Juice. Overall, it is the quality of a vape juice that determines the quality of the vaping experience.

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How to check if an E-liquid is authentic

There are certain things you can look out for to check the quality of an E-liquid and ensure it is authentic. First, it is important to check the packaging or bottle for certifications. A brand that is certified and has achieved all their necessary licences and accreditations will likely put it on display. Investigate a brand’s reputation first, too. Look for reviews, check out where they are stocked and speak to other vapers for recommendations.

Always shop safe when it comes to E-liquids, and only visit reputable retailers. A close examination of the E-liquid’s packaging can help determine its quality. Check that the nicotine content is clearly displayed, alongside warnings over nicotine consumption. Check that the label looks well designed and is properly attached; if not, it may not be an authentic product and may be of inferior quality. Finally, the main gauge of the quality of an E-liquid is the taste and smell. Check that they taste like the flavor they purport to be and that they have a smooth and enjoyable taste.


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