U.K. Hospitals Allow Vape Shops to Keep Patients from Smoking

U.K. Hospitals Allow Vape Shops to Keep Patients from Smoking
If you're a fan of vaping, there is some exciting news is coming out of the UK these days. Two N.H.S. hospitals have decided to open vape shops on the hospital grounds to curb their patients from smoking. They have also opened outside areas specifically for vaping UK fans on hospital grounds.

Two N.H.S. funded hospitals in West Midlands have decided to increase the fines on smokers up to fifty pounds if they are caught smoking on hospital grounds. Also, they are closing their outside smoking areas and adding security cameras in the hopes that they can reduce smoking habits among their patients.

According to the UK newspaper, The Guardian, the medical director of the hospitals believes that passive smoking in public areas has become a "public health necessity."

They've also opened two vaping shops on the hospital grounds, however, hoping to help their patients to clear themselves of their smoking habits. Sandwell General Hospital in West Bromwich and Birmingham City hospital in Birmingham are partnering with Ecigwizard to open the outlets.

The National Health Service of England is committed to helping its patients work on quitting smoking. They believe that such a move may improve the health of their patients throughout the N.H.S. system. We couldn't agree more and hope that more health services across the world would look to their example.

The Guardian also states that 50% of smokers polled credited vaping with helping them quit smoking.

Of course, we're more than happy to support the efforts of this forward-thinking policy and wish them all success with it. If more hospitals and healthcare systems had this sort of thinking, we're sure that the levels of conventional smoking would dramatically decrease.

Vaping is an excellent way to extricate oneself from the terrible health problems that come with conventional smoking. Study after study has shown that vaping decreases the withdrawals that come from regular smoking and provides a much healthier experience for those who are committed to quitting.

We wish all the luck in the world and hope for continued success for the National Health Service, Sandwell General Hospital, Birmingham City Hospital, and Ecigwizard. And if you're looking to read more about this exciting prospect to help hospital patients improve their health and their pocketbook, we're happy to include links to The Guardian article and the New York Times article.


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