Top 11 Best Vape Juice For June 2021

Top 11 Best Vape Juice For June 2021

Top 11 Best Vape Juice For June 2021

We have such a great selection of vape juices that it is possible to enjoy a new one every few weeks - or choose a juice to suit the season. If you’re looking for a summery vape, here’s our guide to the best vape juices to try in June 2021.

1. Lovin’ Ylang

Nothing says summer quite like coconut, and this is one of the great flavors contained in the Lovin’ Ylang juice. Sweet vanilla combines with ylang ylang, along with that all-important hint of coconut, to create a blend that is as sensual as it is summer. Ylang ylang is said to be an aphrodisiac and its petals are spread on newlyweds’ beds in Indonesia. Try the Lovin’ Ylang juice to see if you fall in love with this perfect marriage of flavors as well.

2. Watermelon Menthol

Watermelon Menthol

Watermelon and mint create the perfect refreshing mix in this fruity favorite juice. It combines the juiciness of delicious watermelon with a minty blast that reminds you of a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. It is like a picnic in a bottle that will bring the summer to you, even when the sun fails to shine.

3. Tabac Robust

Bees may not be your favorite part of summer, but their honey is found in so many summery products, from suntan lotions to your next favorite vape juice. The Tabac Robust blend is bursting with great flavor thanks to the robust blend of sun-cured oriental tobacco and sweet honey. The result is a decadent mix that will transport you to far-flung places, even if a summer vacation is just a distant dream.

4. Raspberry Lemonade

Nothing hits the spot like ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day, and this vape juice delivers all the fresh fruitiness you might expect from one of the most popular of guilt-free beverages. Oozing with refreshing lemon notes and the delightful mix of sweet and tart raspberries, the Raspberry Lemonade vape juice is undoubtedly a summer hit.

5. Sweet Treat

Sweet Treat

Sweet treats can be the enemy of your beach body, but you can enjoy this delicious, decadent vape juice with no guilt at all. Instantly satisfy your sweet tooth with none of the sugary badness thanks to this luxurious mix of Vienna and Catalan creams layered with cheesecake and nougat, all rounded off with a hint of vanilla.

6. Perfect Pina

A Pina Colada is the perfect summer drink, but why wait for the bars to open or for your shift to end to enjoy all of the fruity flavors that this mix has to offer? Our Perfect Pina blend is bursting with juicy pineapple flavors combined with tangy tangerine and orange. The fruity flavors are bought together with vanilla shisha for a vape that will instantly transport you to your very own tropical isle.

7. Tabac Relax

Even when you can’t make it onto a sun lounger or even a blanket in your local park, you can enjoy an imaginary hammock experience as this vape juice whisks you away to your own relaxing paradise. The Tabac Relax blend will ease away the stresses of the day with its smooth mix of vanilla, light Virginia tobacco, and a twist of apple.

8. Tabac Elope

If tobacco flavors are your thing, this is another great juice to try. Graham and curd Virginia tobaccos are rolled in juicy fresh cantaloupe to create a juice that is lush and fragrant - especially when the delightful touch of butterscotch enters the mix. This is a surprising combination that works to create a taste sensation that will make you want to enjoy it at any time of the year and not just in the summer months.

9. Morning Latte

Morning Latte

Imagine sipping a rich morning coffee as the sun starts to heat up your patio or balcony, and you'll get the idea of all that this blend of dark espresso, brown sugar, cream, and caramel has to offer.

10. Chocolate Cake

Celebrate the summer season with this rich chocolatey blend. Why worry about calories when you can have all of the taste with none of the guilt thanks to this decadent mix? Sit back and relax and put that gym bag away - for now, at least.

11. Smokey Oakey

If you’re missing your summer camping trip this year - or just want to be reminded of it wherever you are - try out the Smokey Oakey vape juice with its campfire notes created with a blend of brown sugar and smoked, aged oak.


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