Can You Mix Vape Juice Brands, Strengths, and Flavors?

Can You Mix Vape Juice Brands, Strengths, and Flavors?

Knowing how to mix epic cocktails was a sure-fire way to make friends at a party back in the day. The modern equivalent is knowing how to create some great vape cocktails. With a little knowhow and the right mixes, everybody will get hooked on your company in the modern social environment.

With the burgeoning popularity of vaping comes an entirely new range of fun and flavor combinations to this rapidly evolving social pastime. Vapers commonly ask, “Can you mix vape juice?” Well, the answer is a resounding, “Yes! Of course, you can!”

Mixing it up a bit is a great way to introduce new flavors and experiences to your palate. With thousands of flavors out there, you’ll find an almost infinite number of combinations with which to experiment. Another advantage of mixing is being able to create your preferred nicotine level when it’s not in stock. Say, for example, that the store has only 0mg or 6mg nicotine, and your preferred strength is 3mg. You can mix them to get the right combo for your liking.

Reasons To Mix

  • Flavor diversification can enhance vaping pleasure
  • Stock mixes can be more expensive than home-mixed combinations.
  • You can adjust nicotine levels to match your personal preference

Getting Started

We all like to jump in at the deep end with new tasks. In this case, however, we recommend starting small if you're new to vape mixing or you're trying out a unique flavor combination for the first time. The last thing you want to do is fill a 5ml tank with juice that ends up tasting like sour milk and lemons!

On the other hand, it’s important to remember what you included in your mix, in case it turns out to be amazing. There’s nothing worse than perfecting a recipe only to forget precisely what you put in it.

Another recommendation is to try to stick to the same bases when mixing. All e-liquids use vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol at their base. Maintaining the correct ratio of PG and VG will contribute to a successful mix. Higher amounts of PG will thin the liquid, give your vape more of a throat hit, and produce less vapor. More VG, on the other hand, will provide you with a thicker liquid, be smoother on the throat, and create more of a cloud.

Tips For Getting Started

  • Start small and carefully record what you mix
  • Give your new mix a bit of a shake before use to thin it out.
  • Try to use the same base mix where possible, or be sure you have the ratios correct.

Good Vape Flavors to Mix

So, your question is answered: Can you mix vape juice? The natural follow-up question is, “What are good vape flavors to mix?” A whole new world of flavor combinations stretches out in front of you. If your creativity is drawing a blank or you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, here are a few ideas for good flavor combinations to get you started.

Keep in mind that mixing tasty vape flavors will be similar to mixing good food flavors. After all, it’s the same tastebuds doing the same job. With so many combinations to choose from, it’s a good idea to start with what you know and focus on flavors that you think you might enjoy.

  • If it’s a sweet tooth you’d like to satisfy, you can’t beat the original chocolate-cake juice from CloudRide. If you want to give it a bit of an edge, try adding a touch of mint choc chip ice-cream – or hazelnut for that comforting taste of Nutella.
  • Pina Colada has become very popular recently, and CloudRide’s Perfect Pina blend gives flavors of perfectly ripe pineapple with hints of orange, tangerine, and vanilla. But believe it or not, chocolate pina-colada cake is a thing. Actually, it’s called chocolate colada. If you want to add some extra depth to your Perfect Pina experience, try adding a few drops of Chocolate Cake for that extra treat.
  • Apple Hookah offers a more exotic and “grown-up” flavor. It teams well with cinnamon or vanilla for a smooth balance of sweet and savory.
  • For those of you who can’t resist a good cheesecake, try blending CloudRide Sweet Treats with Raspberry Lemonade or Figtastic. The delicate taste of Catalan and Vienna creams blended with cheesecake gets an extra dimension from the fruity undertones.
  • Food flavors are nice, but sometimes you miss the old-fashioned taste of tobacco. Team up CloudRide’s Tabac Robust with a rum or bourbon flavor and bring some old-world charm to your vaping experience. Of course, if you’re still thinking about that cheesecake, cheesecake and rum also make an excellent combo.

The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination ... and your tastebuds. While trial-and-error is a great way to go with flavor experimentation, it can be handy to know the basics. Read on for a quick breakdown of the primary flavor profiles and how they work together.

Fruity Flavors

Fruity flavors can be sweet or tart and balance well with the smoother flavors, including vanilla, rum, or bourbon. Typical fruit-vaping flavors are apples, berries, lemons, limes, strawberries, and watermelon.

  • Apple pairs well with cinnamon, ginger, or caramel.
  • Blueberry tends to be quite sweet and benefits from the sharper flavors of ginger and citrus. Blueberry and lime blend well together, as do plums, strawberries, and tropical fruits. Strawberry is the ultimate desert berry and goes well with the sweet flavors of chocolate and vanilla.
  • Raspberries are sharper and tend to pair well with the sweeter notes of white-chocolate flavor.

Sweet Flavors

Almost everybody likes a taste of something sweet, and there’s no better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than with some calorie-free vaping.

  • Chocolate is the ultimate sweet treat. Bitter dark chocolate flavors can match sweet fruits, including strawberries or figs, whereas white chocolate goes well with sharper fruits. The chocolate flavor is versatile and makes a great companion to nutty flavors and mints.
  • Cinnamon can become quite overpowering in large amounts. Used in small doses, it can add a subtle hint of sweetness and spice to fruit or nut-based flavors like apple or walnut.
  • Vanilla is the baker’s best friend and goes with pretty much anything, adding a subtle but smooth hint of sweetness.

Nutty / Bitter Flavors

If you're nuts about nuts, combine the nutty flavors like hazelnut, walnut, or pecan with chocolate, coffee, or even fruits and spices for a festive feel.

  • Hazelnut blends incredibly well with chocolate and is the basis of the all-time favorite Nutella spread.
  • Pecan blends well with caramel, cinnamon, chocolate, or apple for that old-fashioned taste of home baking.

Mint Flavors

Mint flavors freshen up your palate and land that zingy feeling on your tastebuds. Pair peppermint with chocolate or citrus for a burst of flavorsome freshness. Mint flavors do better in small quantities and tend to become quite overpowering if you use them in excess. Try peppermint and vanilla for the ultimate blend of fresh and smooth.

Tobacco Flavors

Not technically a food flavor, but popular among vapers, tobacco flavors can enhance your vaping experience. Choose from Smokey Oakey, Tobac Robust or Tabac Smooth for mellowed-down flavor. Blend with vanilla, apple, and rum flavors for a smooth, rustic finish

So, yes, you can mix your own vape juice. And hopefully, we've answered some questions for you. Your combinations will be as individual as your taste. Now, you're fresh with ideas, handy hints, and inspiration, so it's time to jump in and start mixing!


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