Meet The Chef!

Meet The Chef!

Did you know Cloudride is the first vape juice with flavors created by a James Beard Award winning chef? When we talk about striving to bring you the best tasting e-juice we really mean it. We're taking e-liquid taste in a new direction by working with great culinary minds to develop tastes that go beyond the ordinary.

Chef Jason Stevens hails from Chicago, one of the greatest food cities in the world (although as a NJ based company we take issue with their pizza). His talent for finding flavor was recognized early and he studied under the likes of Bernard Cretier and Charlie Trotter. At the young age of 18 he landed his very first Executive Chef position where he worked on the complete build out and renovation of his own menu concept, Bacchus. Having such responsibility at such an early age gave Jason a respect and love for the culinary scene, and would inspire him to find personal ways to combine food and art.

After a stint running a private country club kitchen where he frequently developed special menus for an elite audience Jason moved to Milwaukee and created one of Wisconsin’s first 100% organic and vegetarian restaurants. His time in Milwaukee proved fruitful, and he was granted a James Beard award in 2010 for his work in restoring Watts’ Tea room. The James Beard Awards are the highest honor in the culinary world, often dubbed the "Oscars for Food." Jason joined the ranks of world-renowned chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, José Andrés, and more.

Like many chefs both great and otherwise, Jason was a cigarette smoker. Countless late nights in overheated kitchens will do that to you. Like many smokers, Jason found vaping as an alternative choice, and when he discovered the variety present in vape juice he became immediately enthralled in their creation. His passion for creating unique and amazing tastes was reignited, and Jason found himself obsessively working vape juice recipes with the love and care he used to develop menus for special events for celebrity clientele. Not surprisingly, the skill that won him awards in the kitchen transferred to the laboratory, and Jason brought a unique spin to a world of e-liquid too frequently awash in overly sweetened flavors and copycat recipes. We are proud to present his work here at Cloudride in both our C9 and Classic Collections of vape juice.


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