The 7 Longest Lasting Vape Coils for 2019

The 7 Longest Lasting Vape Coils for 2019

In some ways, vape coils are all similar because they all do the same job. They are the part of an e-cigarette that heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapor. There is, however, a wide range of vape coils, depending on the experience you want.

Coils, atomizers, and atomizer heads can all be used synonymously, but there are differences. Materials can range from nichrome to nickel, while coil types include braid and alien, to name a few. The important thing is that each achieves a different effect. Without getting lost in the details, this guide will help you match your vape coil to your desired experience.

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What to Look for in a Vape Coil

The vape coil is a replaceable section of coiled wire. The coil’s lining is an absorbent material that better retains the e-liquid. Once the vaporizer is activated, the coil then heats up to vaporize the liquid.

An excellent vape coil will have enough surface area to absorb a substantial amount of e-juice. The greater the surface area, the more flavor and vapor it will produce. The resistance, or how much electricity the coil can conduct, is also essential. A high-resistance coil takes less battery power to operate, requires less charging, and extends the life of your batteries.

What Are the Longest Lasting Vape Coils?

No matter what type of vape coil you have, a coil that burns out too quickly is unacceptable. The durability of the burn is probably the most critical aspect when it comes to picking one. The problem is that there are thousands on the market, and the average person doesn’t have the time to sift through all of them.

Fortunately, that’s why we’re here. We have tested and evaluated countless vape coils to find out which are truly worth your money and which are better left untouched. So without further ado, here is our list of the seven longest lasting vape coils for 2019.

Falcon King by Horizon Tech

The Falcon King tank will last you for weeks. Where it truly excels, though, is in its powerful punch of flavor that you get with every hit. If you love big clouds and big flavors, this is a vape coil that demands your consideration.

The Falcon King tank offers a robust six-milliliter capacity inside of a stainless steel exterior. Its high-quality craftsmanship will ensure you never have to put up with cracks or leaks again. It means you can get a sleek-looking device that also delivers on quality.

Best of all, you can currently purchase a Falcon King tank for $26.95. This makes it one of the best deals on the market. When it comes to a vape coil that lives up to the hype, Horizon has you covered.

Screen by Sense

Sense isn’t the biggest brand in vaping, but that’s probably in part because it’s located in Shenzhen, China. Sense serves 20 countries and regions across the world. One of the products building up its burgeoning reputation is the Screen tank.

After coming out with fan favorites like the Herakles and Blazer Mini, Sense has followed up its success. The 7-milliliter bubble glass has ample capacity for e-liquid and is compatible with 510 and 810 drip tips. While the tank might not look the prettiest, it gets the job done.

But the true value comes in the flavor. The Sense is bursting with it, and there are clouds everywhere. If you want to put on an epic smoke show, this is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Falcon by Horizon Tech

Horizon Tech has been a beacon for reliable vape coils for a long time. The Falcon is no exception. The streamlined chassis design includes a triple bottom airflow system and state-of-the-art coil technology to ensure the best vaping experience possible.

Beyond that, users will find a solid e-liquid capacity and an easy-to-access top cap. The Falcon comes with two to 510 drip tips for additional choices. The technology and design are all-around reliable.

As with many Horizon Tech products, the Falcon is a flavor machine. The coils also last forever—not literally, but it feels that way. You could even make the case that this is the best flavor tank available now.

Alpha by GeekVape

Since GeekVape came out with the Alpha tank, it has been one of their cornerstone products. The tank is easy to use and consistently provides great flavor. That’s because the tank’s design features a simple top cap release mechanism and high-quality mesh coils.

What stands out about the Alpha is its sleek design. The construction is simple yet robust, which bodes well for the longevity of the tank. Still, nothing beats the bang for your buck like the coil head performance.

Even if you are extra critical, there are not many faults to find with this tank. If there is anything to note, it’s that the e-juice gets used up rapidly at higher wattages. To be fair, though, most high-performance vape tanks operate that way too.

Mesh Pro by FreeMax

When you want long-lasting coils, the Mesh Pro delivers. The tank uses the FireLike Mesh coil family that features an innovative cotton-like, wood pulp material with wicking properties for increased longevity. This material promotes enhanced wicking performance compared to regular coils.

The coils come installed with a 0.2ohm double mesh head that handles 60 to 90 watts. Another feature is the adjustable air slots, which you can toggle to your desired amount of airflow. This is all wrapped inside a trendy-looking body made of stainless steel.

One thing that sets the Mesh Pro apart from the competition is its quietness. This difference is particularly noticeable when you use the double and triple coil. There are also replacement coils, Pyrex glass, and o-rings that come in the kit.

Valyrian by Uwell

The Valyrian packs quite a punch for a five-milliliter tank. Plus, the Valyrian stacks up well in the areas of performance and longevity. This all-around workhorse hits high notes on so many levels that it demands your attention.

The coils are the key. They provide extraordinary flavor time and time again. While other devices may burn you with poor performance or unpredictable flavor, the consistency of the Valyrian alone makes it worth a gander.

The design of the Valyrian is of superior quality too. There are pins for interchangeable airflow and refined details that make the tank easy to use and manipulate. Considering Uwell had to live up to its critically acclaimed Crown series, this is a more than apt encore.

Manta by Advken

The aesthetics of a tank don’t necessarily mean high performance. The Manta happens to deliver on both accounts, though. The visually majestic chassis handles 4.5 milliliters of e-juice within a sturdy and sleek structure.

Beyond the appearance, the tank produces a large quantity of vapor. That, and you get the absolute most out of the flavor. That’s because the tank contains 0.16ohm Mesh Coil and 0.2ohm Mesh Coil for the ideal balance of flavor and vapor.

Airflow is easily controlled through two large air slots. This allows users to cool the tank when at full operation. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the Manta is worthy of your collection.

What Do You Do If Your Vape Tastes Burnt After a New Coil?

A burnt hit is an unpleasant shock, especially if you recently put in a new coil. There are a couple of reasons this might happen. Amongst the primary ones are high wattages or dry wicks.

More often than not, however, the culprit is a poorly primed coil. Priming a coil is an essential step in the vaping process. If you need some tips on saturating your coils properly, here are some pointers.

How Do You Properly Prime a Vape Coil?

Priming a vape coil is the process of pre-saturating the wicking material with e-liquid. This step is what helps create the vapor. A properly primed coil will also prevent a burning flavor from immediately forming.

The process for priming is simple. Start by attaching the new atomizer coil in place of the old one. Hold on to the new coil while you prepare to add the e-juice.

Next, add a single drop of e-juice into the juice holes on the body of the atomizer head. Once you have uniformly saturated the wick, saturate the cotton. Be careful not to oversaturate the cotton as it may result in flooding.

After attaching the battery, take a few dry hits. If you are happy with the state of the coil, it’s time to put it to use. Gradually break in the wire before working your way to higher wattage.

With these tips and suggestions for which vape coil to go with, you should be well on your way to customizing your vaping experience.


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