How To Vape! Beginners Guide To Vaping

How To Vape! Beginners Guide To Vaping

How To Vape! Beginners Guide To Vaping

So you’ve decided to try vaping - and why not? Millions of Americans are starting to use e-cigarettes because it’s much safer than smoking and a really enjoyable experience.

However, starting can be a bit mind-bending when you consider all the options.

Here’s a quick and easy guide.

Step 1: Get a basic vape starter kit.

Vapes are adult-only handheld electronic devices that make an inhalable mist-like vapor. You’re going to need to get one that looks good because vaping for the first time will probably make you feel a bit self-conscious - in all the best ways. The basic ones are not any worse than advanced types; they’re just easier to use. You should look to pay somewhere between $20 and $60. Whether it’s a pod, AIO or e-cigarette, you should make sure it's refillable so you’re not tied into one range of e-juice. Once you have your vape, follow the instructions with your vape kit. They're easy, and many have diagrams.

Step 2: Get some really good vape juice.

The e-juice is what’s in a vape and you do not have to get them with nicotine. If you’ve never smoked before, why bother with the addictive features of nicotine when you can choose your e-juice without it? Order a flavor that sounds tasty, ideally one from a talented chef like at Cloud Ride E-Liquids. Then, choose your nicotine level. You’ll probably get more juice for your money if you choose low nicotine levels, so it’s better value for money to go without. If you do want to dabble with nicotine or are weaning yourself off smoking, keep in mind that extra-high levels of nicotine (sometimes called nicotine salt vape juice) give you an intense surge of nicotine. Lower nicotine takes a bit longer to feel and is much less intense.

chef at Cloud Ride E-Liquids

Step 3: Learn how to inhale.

When you inhale a cloud of intensely flavored vape for the first time, it’s best to go slow and try small amounts. It would be a shame if your first experience involves coughing and spluttering because you’ve taken in too much vapor!

Here are three inhalation methods to try.


MTL hits should feel like sucking air through a tight straw and can help provide the hit many smokers crave, feeling the vape against the back of the throat. You bring the vape into your mouth, take the e-cigarette away from your lips and then inhale the vape into your lungs.

You should exhale almost immediately; there’s no point holding the vapor in your lungs for too long.

Direct lung

The DL style is a bit like sucking air through a milkshake straw. You take the vapor directly into your lung and then breathe it out again.

Cigar puff

There’s also a really quirky way to vape that is favored by many vapers who have never smoked. It’s also arguably the safest and most pleasurable. We call it the cigar puff.

You repeatedly take tiny puffs in and out on the e-cigarette, drawing small amounts of vapor out and into your mouth. You can even exhale through your nose and suck again. You don’t even need to inhale the vape into your lungs at all. If you’re not craving a nicotine hit, this method allows you to experience the full flavors of the e-juice. All your taste buds are in your mouth and olfactory system, so you can truly experience the delicious vape flavors.

It’s vaping for the sake of vaping and all the pleasure it brings, rather than for feeding a nicotine addiction. Once you've started, you can then delve into Cloud Ride E Liquid’s Menu for some really gorgeous flavors!

Cloud Ride E Liquid’s Menu

A quick word on staying safe

The decision to start vaping is a personal choice for people 21 and over to make, usually to combat an addiction to smoking. Vaping is considered safe, but it’s often seen as a method of harm reduction, particularly when the only alternative is smoking.

Check the label of anything you ingest or inhale, and take a look at the brand’s website before buying from them, paying attention to their quality control processes and ingredients.

A quick word on staying safe

Never vape anything that contains diacetyl, which has been linked to bronchiolitis obliterans or constrictive bronchiolitis, sometimes called popcorn lung. You should also avoid acetoin and acetyl propionyl, which are used as alternatives to diacetyl.

Look for food-grade and natural ingredients so you’re vaping the safest e-juice possible. Always put safety first!

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