Why Your Vape Tank is Leaking And How To Stop It.

Why Your Vape Tank is Leaking And How To Stop It.

A leaking e-cigarette has the potential to bring anyone's nightmare to life. Don't believe us? Consider these scenarios:

Option 1: You're going about your day filled with important meetings and an exciting first date. Then, you look down at your pants. They're soaking wet and covered in vape juice.

Option 2: You've just sat down and are about to give an important presentation. You reach into your bag to pull out your laptop. It's soaking wet! Your e-cigarette has leaked everywhere, damaging your computer and ruining your talk.

Can you imagine what you would do if you were in either of those situations? Can't you feel the heart-sinking, stomach-churning misery that you'd experience?

Luckily for you, we've put together a list of ways to stop your vape from leaking. Learn from our first-hand experience and research so that you don't fall victim to the horror of a vape tank leaking.

Take extra care while you refill the tank and ensure that you complete the process correctly.

Most vape liquid leaks occur due to a lack of attention when refilling the tank. Even though there aren't a lot of steps, you need to keep an eye out for critical mistakes that can end in disaster.

Whatever you do, don't get e-liquid in the central tube.

The central tube is the part that runs from the coil to the mouthpiece. If you get vape juice in there, then it doesn't have anywhere to go but out. Keeping this area dry and clean makes a big difference in the long run.

Refill the tank slowly with a perfected technique.

The best way to think about filling a vape tank is to pour your e-liquid like a bartender pours a beer. You first want to tilt the container so that the liquid runs down the side. This angle not only helps to keep the central tube from filling with unwanted fluid, but it also helps you control the pour.

Similarly, you want to keep your pour slow and avoid splashing the liquid. A tiny spill may not seem like a huge loss. You might even think that it's easy to clean up. However, if you drip e-liquid into certain parts of the vape, you often won't find it until later when it's leaking onto your skin or clothes.

Leave extra room at the top of the tank

This suggestion may seem like the opposite of good advice. Wouldn't you want to keep the tank as full as possible so that you don't have to deal with the refilling process as often and so that the liquid won't splash around inside? Not exactly.

Leaving some air at the top of the tank helps to create a vacuum when you put the e-cigarette back together. This pressure helps to hold the liquid in the chamber.

Tighten everything correctly and completely

When putting your vape back together, the biggest mistake you can make is cross-threading the connections. Cross-threading occurs when the screw threads don't line up well. This misalignment will prevent the pieces from sealing together the way they should.

It's a good idea to check the connections on your e-cig every time you refill it - even the parts that you haven't touched. Pay extra attention to gaps that might appear where the pieces meet each other. Even if you haven't messed with it, these connections can sometimes loosen over time.

Don't over-tighten at the risk of damaging your O-rings.

The O-rings are the rubber pieces that solidify the seals between parts of the vape. Over-tightening as you attach components can damage these small, rubber rings. A broken O-ring creates space for vape juice to leak out.

Even if you don't think you're over-tightening, it's essential to check your O-rings regularly and replace them if necessary. These are typically located on the coil head and at the base of the tank. You can remove or reposition O-rings using a small flat-head screwdriver or tweezers.

Be sure you're using the right parts and techniques.

Especially if you're new to vaping, your component choices and techniques might be the cause of your e-liquid leaks. But don't worry. Making a few easy changes will have you vaping leak-free in no time.

Use the right coil for your liquid

It's crucial to replace the vape coil depending on the type of e-liquid that you're using. Sometimes, you'll hear the coil referred to as an atomizer or atomizer head. The atomizer is the part of the vape that heats the e-liquid and transforms it into the vapor that you inhale.

Vape coils fall into two categories: high resistance and low resistance. The electrical resistance, measured in ohms, basically describes how quickly the atomizer head can turn the liquid into a vapor. High resistance coils have an electrical resistance above 1 ohm. Low resistance pulls below 1 ohm.

High PG liquids

If you're using a higher PG e-liquid, then you'll need a higher-resistance coil. This requirement exists because these liquids are thinner. Higher-resistance coils have smaller holes for the fluid to pass through. The higher PG liquids are so thin that they pass through holes easily, while thicker liquids could cause a clog.

However, there can be too much of a good thing. If you use too low of a resistance for a thin liquid, then flooding will likely occur. If e-liquid constantly pools into the central tube or if it comes out of the airflow holes, then you probably need an even higher-resistance coil.

High VG liquids

If you're using a higher VG liquid, then you will need a lower-resistance coil. Higher VG liquids are thicker and can clog the small holes found in higher resistance coils. Lower-resistance coils have more space for the slower-moving e-liquid to flow through.

If your e-cigarette is prone to leaking no matter what you do, then a high VG liquid is probably your ideal juice choice. If the coil resistance is the part of your setup that poses a problem, then this switch should fix the issue.

Use the correct power setting for your liquid

Another reason that flooding, and, consequently, leaking occurs is that a surplus of juice sits in the atomizer. Specifically, sometimes there is too much juice pulled into the coil for it to vaporize. In this situation, there is nowhere for the excess e-juice to go. So, it has to leak out of the coil housing.

If you use a higher power setting, the coil will vaporize more juice per puff. This increase in vaporization also increases the amount of e-liquid that can pass through the atomizer head. Turning up the heat a few notches will help keep your vape from overflowing and leaking.

Perfect your inhalation technique

It's important to remember that an e-cigarette is not a cigarette. Therefore, your inhalation technique needs to be different. With a cigarette, the harder you draw, the more smoke you create. The same process isn't correct with an e-cig.

With a vape, you want to take a long puff and avoid a sharp inhale. You'll get more vapor this way, and it won't flood your coil.

Second, it's important to inhale as soon as you press the fire button. Taking this quick action helps to clear the chamber right away and avoid overfilling.

Finally, consider taking your figure off the fire button before you have finished inhaling or time it perfectly to release the second you finish. This consideration at the end of your drag prevents the creation of any new vapor. That way, the vapor doesn't build up after you've stopped pulling it out of your e-cig.

Whatever you do, if there's a chance something is wrong, check it and fix the problem before your next hit

Keeping a vape from leaking is not hard if you stay on top of it. If it does start leaking, it's important to clean everything thoroughly before you fix it. Even if you correct what's going wrong, you may still experience leaks if there's an e-liquid where it doesn't belong.

We recommend using a paper towel, Q-tip, or cloth for cleaning and drying your vape after a leak. Afterward, you'll want to follow all of our suggestions in this article.

But what if you clean up the mess, follow our advice, and still have problems? Just reach out to us by commenting below.

We're here to help you have the best possible experience with vaping. Even with the potential for equipment failure and leaks, vaping is still the healthiest, most sustainable option around. Count on us to save you from any future nightmares of vape tank leaking disasters.

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Brooke replied on Apr 28, 2022

I dropped my drag s and the magnetic top came off. When I finally found the top the coil had came out. Can’t find it, so I put a new one in and pushed it all the way in. When I go to fill it up, it runs right out of the top. All the Shiite goes directly out of the top when I hold it upside to try to refill the tank. What can I do? Thanks

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