How To Refill a Juul Pod with Vape Juice?

How To Refill a Juul Pod with Vape Juice?

How To Refill a Juul Pod with Vape Juice?

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly popular to move from smoking to vaping. A lot of people have made the transition because it is less harmful to your body, less addictive, and cheaper. Another factor is that you are not just stuck with one flavor as there are so many different types of vape juice to choose from. Here is a guide on how to refill a Juul pod with vape juice.

Why Would You Need To?

It can be quite expensive to use a Juul pod as it doesn’t contain a lot of liquid and you tend to go through them quickly. However, although the liquid has been vaped, the Juul pod itself is usually still in great shape, so throwing it away at this point can be wasteful and costly. You will save yourself a lot of money if you reuse your Juul pod.

What Flavor Vape Juice Should You Use?

Pina Colada

There are simply hundreds of different types of vape juice to choose from. You can stick to something that is like tobacco if you like, but this doesn’t leave you a lot of room to experiment with great flavors like Pina Colada, Blueberry, or whisky. Almost any flavor you can think of is available in vape form, so enjoy experimenting with them.


What You Will Need

Before you start trying to refill your Juul pod, gather all the things you need together. This will make it quicker and easier when you start. You will need:

• Your Juul pod

• A flathead screwdriver

• Tweezers

• Rubber Gloves

• Paper Towels

• Cotton

• Scissors

• Water

• Cotton swabs

• A good light to work under

What You Will Need to Do

1) Use the screwdriver to push the tabs up and remove the mouthpiece.

2) Use the tweezers to remove the used cotton pads.

3) Clean the Juul pod with water. This is messy, so this is where you might need the paper towels.

4) Cut the cotton and put it inside your Juul pod.

5) Take the rubber seal out of the bottom of the pod with your tweezers and clean it with your cotton swab.

6) Put the flavor cap at the bottom of the pod and refill it with vape juice.

What You Will Need to Do

7) Reseal the Juul pod by replacing the rubber seal.

8) Push the mouthpiece back into place. You should be able to hear it click back into position.

9) Blow through the mouthpiece to make sure that no vape juice has entered the chimney.

10) You are ready to go.

What You Need to Know

There are a few things to know about this process so that you know what to check for and when to change your Juul pod.

How Do You Stop It From Leaking?

Juul pods aren’t really designed to be refilled, so they can leak frequently. This might happen because there is air in the tube. If you blow through this, it will push the air out and you should be okay. You should be able to hear the gurgling of the air pressure if this happens.

You can reduce leaking by taking sharp puffs, tightening the pressure on the cartridge, and making sure that you have inserted it properly.

How Often Can You Refill a Juul Pod?

You will usually know when your Juul pod needs replacing as it will leak, and you may notice that the flavor has become inconsistent. It does depend on how careful you are with it when it comes to how long it will last, but most people can refill their Juul pod about four times without any problems. If you are careful, you may get a maximum of 10 refills out of it before it is time for a change, but you should change it after this.

Is It Safe to Refill a Juul Pod?

Juul pods are not designed to be refilled, but if you follow the instructions above, you should be fine. You can refill your pod with vape juice but make sure it doesn’t have a high content of glycerine as this will make the Juul pod burn out very quickly and you could burn yourself if it gets too hot. You should also stay away from CBD or freebase nicotine as these liquids will break your Juul pod easily, which means it won’t last as long.

Follow this guide if you want to be able to refill your Juul pod rather than having to use a new one every time you run out of vape juice.


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