Here are the Most Popular Vape Juice Flavors Around the Globe

Here are the Most Popular Vape Juice Flavors Around the Globe

Here are the Most Popular Vape Juice Flavors Around the Globe

Vaping has been around for decades, but because smoking was always such a popular pastime, vaping didn’t hit the mainstream until the 2000s.

The decline in smoking cigarettes came about as people realized how dangerous cigarette smoke was. Although they had known for centuries that it would kill you eventually, as the publicity surrounding passive smoking grew, smokers realized they weren’t just killing themselves. Clearly, something had to be done, but many people still found smoking enjoyable.

The answer was to switch to something similar to smoking but not as harmful. This is when vaping became popular, and it has been popular ever since.

Cigarettes only come in two main flavors: tobacco and menthol. The process of setting fire to it means that it is more difficult to incorporate other flavors into a cigarette and enjoy them. However, as the process of vaping is different, the flavor choices are unlimited. This makes vaping a lot more interesting.

Several different types of vape juice are trending around the globe at the moment, with some more popular than others. Here are the most popular.


Many people switch to vaping when they are trying to give up smoking cigarettes. It is believed to be a much healthier option and it means that someone who has gotten used to smoking can still move their hands in the same way and enjoy the sensation of smoking at their preferred time, such as after dinner.

New vapers tend to prefer tobacco juice as this is believed to taste similar to the cigarettes they were trying to give up. This is still the most popular vape juice around the globe at the moment and is available in different variations, including Smokey Oakey from CloudRide.

Smokey Oakey

Tobacco vape juice is not an exact replica of smoking tobacco simply because it tastes different depending on whether you smoke or vape it. Therefore, although most ex-smokers start with tobacco, they don’t stay with it forever. After all, there is a whole world of exciting flavors out there.

Many people start with tobacco and then get curious about trying out some other flavors. They realize that they don’t actually like the taste of tobacco as much as they thought they did and move on to other vape juices.


This is a popular flavor to both smoke and vape. The vape juice is available in different strengths, and you can vape anything from lightly minty to full-on icy blast. Many vapers find this vape juice refreshing, and it has been popular for a long time.

One point to note is that cigarette smokers tend to lose their sense of taste after prolonged smoking. This makes menthol a popular choice as it is easy to taste. An ex-smoker will like the taste of it a lot more at first than they might enjoy a fruit or dessert-flavored vape juice. This is because they will need to get their taste sensation back before they can genuinely appreciate all the flavors.

Fruit Flavors

There is an entire world of fruit-flavored vape juice out there, and it is worth trying several of them before you settle on which one you like best. Some people prefer the taste of local fruits, but many people like the taste of something more exotic.

With choices such as Apple, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, orange, grape, and coconut, you will be spoiled for choice. However, some vape juice makers add different fruits together to create a fine blend that is out of this world. It is almost like vaping a smoothie.



Desserts are often the best part of the meal. Unfortunately, they tend to have a lot of calories, which makes them an occasional indulgence rather than an everyday treat. If only there was a way of eating cheesecake or a chocolate brownie without it going straight to your hips!

Vape juice makers have discovered how to do this. Now you can enjoy the flavors of Belgian waffles, cookies and cream, or Chocolate Cake without putting on an ounce. Your sweet treat is now a calorie-free delight. No wonder desserts are such a popular vape juice flavor right now!

Chocolate Cake

These four types of vape juice are as hot as it gets in the world of vaping right now. However, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the amazing vape juice flavors that are available. Try some of them if you haven’t already and see what all the fuss is about.


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