Here Are 8 Ideas For People Who Love To Vape

Here Are 8 Ideas For People Who Love To Vape

Here Are 8 Ideas For People Who Love To Vape

Vaping has become more and more popular in recent times, and with a variety of flavors to spice it up, it really is exciting. Vaping involves a liquid added to an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette as it is commonly known. The vapor is inhaled and is enjoyed by the user, who gains many of the positives that traditional smokers do. However, the flavored vapor is less toxic than traditional cigarette smoke, and this is one reason users make the change to vaping. If you have friends who like to enjoy the sweet and savory aromas of vaping, you may want to surprise them with a cool gift to show how much you value their friendship. Don’t forget to treat yourself while browsing.

Replacement tanks and coils

Depending on the amount of vape used, the replacement tank or pod may require changing as often as once a week. Other users may find that they purchase a new coil as rarely as once a month. The general rule is that the more vape that is used, the more frequently you'll need to buy a new coil. Even if you are a casual user, it’s a good idea to replace your tank at least once a month. A pod or tank makes a great surprise gift and can enhance the whole experience, and there are many designs available for both men and women.

Accessorize with a vape box

Your vape essentials will never be misplaced again, and with a box, you can store all your goods in one place. Keep all your vape equipment safe with a box. As a chic gift for a friend, relative or co-worker, you can get the box personalized with a name as well as additional optional text. The varieties are endless, and you can surprise loved ones with a cool and stunning gift. They are ideal for Christmas, birthdays, or special milestones, and the vape boxes are certainly worth investing in if you have a friend who is a keen user.

Spice it up with an alternative flavor


There’s nothing like a new and exciting flavor that is truly enticing, and what better way is there to enhance a friend’s vaping experience than to introduce them to a brand-new flavor? From Blueberry to caramel and menthol and from oak wood to Watermelon and coconut, there is certainly a flavor to suit all tastes. Whether it’s sweet, fruity or laced with chocolate or caramel, you can entice a friend with a new flavor and introduce them to a cool new vaping experience. They may have a favorite fragrance that reminds them of a special holiday or a flavor that enables them to recall a precious personal experience. What better way is there to show appreciation or friendship?


Choose charming gifts for women

Vape charms are jewelry-style items for the tank and they appeal to women, surfers and those who consider themselves style icons. From chic beads to stunning charms and pendants, they all make great gift ideas. Fashionable, quirky and fun, they have plenty of visual appeal.

Don’t forget the essential batteries

If you are familiar with e-cigarettes, you will know that a vape battery is required. An essential part, the batteries power the coil so that the e-liquid is heated to turn it into the scented vapor. Make sure the battery is suited to the device.

A car air freshener will help keep your interior scented

Those who vape and then make a car journey will appreciate a scented air freshener. Thankfully, the stale lingering smell of cigarette smoke is history, but vape users will want to ensure their car is sweet-scented for passengers. Consider buying a fragrant air freshener to keep the surroundings fragrant.

Make the switch from traditional smoking

Maybe you have a friend who has always smoked traditional cigarettes and now wants to make that change. You can play a vital role in that by introducing them to vaping. They will be awed by the array of delicious, sensual flavors on offer. If they love desserts, they may want to indulge in the flavorful cheesecake or the enticing dark espresso. They will also be drawn to the refreshing vanilla variety, such as this Sweet Treat Juice.

Sweet Treat Juice

Give a gift card

Allow a friend to choose a flavor of their own with a gift card. Nothing says friendship like a gift card with plenty of scope to choose something chic and sophisticated.


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