How to Change Vape Juice - Avoid Bad Taste or Mixing Flavors

How to Change Vape Juice - Avoid Bad Taste or Mixing Flavors

If you’re looking to maintain optimal function and flavor from your vape device, proper maintenance is a must. Without this maintenance, your vape could end up dirty and gunky in a matter of weeks creating weird mixed flavors, a burnt aftertaste, and possibly even malfunctions.

In all seriousness, what’s the point of vaping if what you vape doesn’t taste good? This means the best method to change vape juice in a way that avoids bad aftertastes or mixed flavors is to understand how to clean your vape.

Luckily, cleaning your vape is an easy process, and scheduling is a breeze—just clean your device between flavor changes, unless you’re intentionally crafting your own mixes that is. Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to vape maintenance as well as some commonly asked questions about changing vape juice.

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Do You Need to Change the Coil When Switching Flavors?

Short answer: no.You can easily reuse your coil when switching flavors. The small amount of old flavor, that is still left, will evaporate quickly.

Coil Replacement Maintenance

Coils are massively crucial in regards to having flavorful vapor. Also, the more you vape, the more frequently you’ll have to change the coil. Not changing the coil could result in a bad taste and a lot of money wasted. Pay close attention to your coil, so you never have to face this problem.

Here are some signs you may need to switch out the coil in your vape:

  • If the coil is dark, visibly damaged, or crusted-If you’re experiencing a ‘burnt’ taste.
  • If your atomizer is leaking
  • If you’re noticing less vapor being made and you haven’t switch vape juices recently (PG vape juice will naturally make less vapor than VG varieties).

Changing the coil is actually simple, but there isn’t just one way to do it since there are a lot of different types of coils on the market. Regardless, here’s a general instruction on how to do it:

  1. Remove the tank
  2. Filter out any remaining liquid
  3. Twist the coil to unscrew it off the tank
  4. Put in a new coil
  5. Reassemble the tank onto the device.

Switching out the coil is only a small part of making sure you always have sweet, flavorful vapor coming out of your device. Don’t worry if you make a few mistakes and struggle to get the hang of it the first few times. Errors will happen along the way to being a vaping veteran.

Other Vaporizer Maintenance Tips

Now that you know how to clean your device properly and how to change the coil. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to optimizing your device.

  1. Maintain the right e-liquid level: Make sure there’s enough liquid in your tank at all times and don’t overfill it.
  2. Keep your juice in the ideal environment: Don’t leave your e-liquid in direct sunlight or high temperatures. This can lead to a decline in quality and possibly even early expiration. Within a glass container in the fridge is one of the best places to store your e-liquid.
  3. Store your vape device in a safe place: Just like your e-liquid, your device should be stored in a safe place when you’re not using it to avoid any theft or damaging mishaps. In fact, you should consider purchasing a storage case to keep your device in when you’re traveling or if you choose not to use it for an extended period of time.

How Do I Get the Vape Juice Out of My Tank?

If you’ve been vaping for a while, we can all agree there’s nothing more annoying than trying a new flavor and still having a hint of the last liquid we had. I know we all like trying complex flavors, but more often than not, the flavors we try just won’t make a pleasant mix. If you’re new to vaping, make sure you get all the juice out of your tank, so that you can have the best-tasting vapor. Here’s what you can do to get the vape juice out.

Water Rinse.

A water rinse is the standard way of cleaning a vape tank. It is a quick-clean ideal for use before flavor changes. As a side note, while this method could hypothetically be done on the road, the need for water and a bit of drying time make it advantageous to time your water rinses for flavor changes when you’ll be at home, such as just before bed.

To perform a water rinse:

  1. Get a bowl of warm water.
  2. Take the tank off the mod.
  3. Filter out any remaining liquid.
  4. Disassemble the tank fully.
  5. Wash the tank in the bowl.
  6. Dry off with a towel and air dry.
  7. Put the device together again after it fully dries.

A Deeper Clean

A deeper clean isn’t necessary with every flavor change, but it is a good idea every few weeks to maintain vape efficiency and prevent build-up. The directions are similar to the water rinse, but you dampen a cloth and scrub every part of the tank until you’re happy with how it looks.

If you wish, you may also dampen the cloth with alcohol or use alcohol as a soaking medium in the bowl. This can have the additional benefit of sanitation while likewise eliminating tough-to-clean stains. You can even leave your vape tank to soak overnight in alcohol in already-gunk-covered situations. Be aware though, that only metal or glass parts of your vape should be cleaned in this manner. Plastic can be damaged by alcohol soaks. You’ll also want to rinse said parts with warm water after an alcohol soak.

Can You Put Water in A Vape Tank to Clean It?

Yes, but only to clean it. As mentioned earlier, cleaning your vape tank with water is the best way to ensure your vape device lasts a long time and you get clean flavors with no mixing every time. However, It should be noted that vaping water in your device to ‘clean it’ would be a total waste of your time.

Water evaporates at a higher temperature compared to vape liquids, so the coil won't be hot enough to do so. Essentially, you’ll be vaping nothing. If you do somehow get your device hot enough with a mod to vape water, you’ll end up burning your throat, mouth, and lungs—which is certainly not something you want.

You should never attempt to vape any liquid that isn't specifically designed for your device (i.e., e-liquids).

How To Remove Vape Juice Stains?

Sometimes when you're doing your vape device cleaning or changing vape flavors, it may get a little messy. Don’t be surprised if you stand up and you’ve somehow managed to get some on your pants or shirt. No worries, though. This is common enough that vapors have come up with some very effective methods of removing vape stains.

First off, you should know that most stains come from the propylene glycol (PG) found in some juices, thus creating an oily stain seemingly challenging to clean. However, these stains are easy to remove with any liquid dish soap such as Dawn. This type of soap excels at cutting grease stains and is often even used in oil-spill clean ups. Don’t rinse the stain with water as this technique is best with dry fabric.

Apply a little detergent on the stain and give it a few scrubs. Then, wait a few minutes before rinsing with warm water and setting the item out to dry, or, alternatively, you can run the clothing through your washer and drier safely at this point.

How to Refill Your Vape

Once your vape is clean, you can refill it. Refilling your vape tank is a straightforward and simple procedure—once you’ve done it once, it’s easy. Vape tanks come in two different designs, top-fill and bottom-fill. How you fill your vape will depend on the tank you own.

Regardless, you’ll need to unscrew your tank from the device then place some drops of the e-liquid on the coil before you refill your tank.

  1. Remove the fill tank from your device.
  2. Remove the coil and cover it with e-liquid.
  3. Unscrew the top of the tank to add your liquid until it reaches the tank’s fill line.
  4. Put the tank back together and put the pieces back together.
  5. Wipe any spilled liquid and clean the residue.
  6. Let your device site for a few minutes so the coil can be covered in the new liquid.
  7. Enjoy.

Enjoy Your Vapor

At the end of the day, the best way to keep your vape functioning well and your vapor tasting right is proper maintenance. Not doing so can result in wasted cash on contaminated juice, and likewise leave a bad taste in your mouth, literally. Just remember—water rinse between flavors, deep clean every few weeks, and you’ll be fine.

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