Best Relaxing Vape Juice

Best Relaxing Vape Juice

What’s the best relaxing vape juice? The answer depends — after all, everyone finds their way to tranquility a little differently. Your answer may even vary depending on the day.

Maybe you’re yearning to travel the world, or maybe you’re hoping to evoke the feeling of home. The relaxation you need to help calm yourself ahead of a big meeting is going to be different than the one you seek for loosening up after a long day.

Luckily, there’s a vape juice for whatever mood you’re searching for. As any vaper knows, vaping has benefits beyond just the experience — it can help people live longer lives, feel more fulfilled, and take a load off. Much like aromatherapy, flavored e-liquids can help induce stress relief and take your mind off your immediate environment without ever leaving your house.

That means vapers can get the mood they’re craving (or a facsimile of it) even if they can’t afford to jet set to a sandy beach at the drop of a hat.

If you’re not sure where to start, don't fret! The truth is many flavors can help get you out of your head so you can calm down. Whether you're interested in something sweet or fruity, new or old, there's a juice that can help relieve some of the stress of life.

Here are some of our favorites to help you relax and let the rest of the world melt away:

Morning Latte

Bottle of Morning Latte vape juice

You wouldn’t think that something tailored after a hot cup of joe would be a perfect specimen to help you stay calm and refreshed, but this is a relaxing product that doesn’t sacrifice the pep in your step. With hints of dark espresso, brown sugar, and a dollop of caramel, you can keep your energy up and a smile on your face no matter what your workday throws at you.

Morning Latte vape juice is perfect for first thing in the morning — it’s more earthy than sweet. This is the juice for when you need help getting perky before that next meeting, and it's an ideal flavor whether you're addicted to coffee already or not. Plus, there’s no caffeine headache involved!

Perfect Piña

Eliquid with pinapple flavor

What’s more relaxing than life on the beach, with a nice sea breeze blowing, and a fruity drink in your hand while you recline in the bright sunshine? Possibly nothing – it’s a hard feeling to beat. Unfortunately, not all of us can drop everything and go live that island life.

If you're in desperate need of beach life, why not bring a bit of that vacay energy to your vape?

Perfect Piña is — well, it’s exactly as described. This juice is ideal for evoking the atmosphere of a tropical paradise. It mixes orange, tangerine, and vanilla shisha for a dreamy, well-rounded, and complex juice. It's a fulfilling splash of smooth, a rich, creamy flavor that makes it perfect for satisfying vacation cravings.

Liquid Calm by Healthy Vapes

Liquid Calm vape juice in a bottle

When you need that instant chill out, look no further than Liquid Calm. This premium vape juice blends three classic essential oils for stress management for those interested in a more natural vibe from their vape.

It’s designed to help promote mental clarity while at the same time relieving anxiety, stress, and body tension. It helps that it’s a sublime melding of three stress-busting essential oils.

The orange flavor creates a sense of calm while reducing stress and depression, helping to center your mind. Chamomile works on your nervous system, providing fast stress relief while reducing anxiety and anger. Lavender is one of the most calming herbs in the world, having been used for thousands of years to help manage everything from mental distress to muscle aches.

Together, these flavors pack a powerful but calming punch, helping you feel relaxed no matter what the situation.

Tale of Taro

Tale of Taro vape juice bottle

This one’s for the adventurous vapers among us, those always looking for a unique flavor profile that their friends don’t have. Tale of Taro is exactly that – a distinctive take on the Southeast Asian flavor enjoyed around the world. If you can't get enough of bubble tea, then this is the vape juice for you.

This juice is crème fraîche with a strawberry touch, capturing the flavor of taro, with just the right amount of earthy sweetness. That means you’re getting a slice of life that’s sweet but not too sweet.

As such, it’s the perfect juice to help you unwind no matter the time of day. Tale of Taro hits just right whether you’re looking to de-stress in the morning or lounge in the afternoon. It’s the perfect relaxing vape juice to hit when you’re looking for a bright flavor that’s not played out.

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberr Lemonade E-liquid

It’s a classic for a reason – what other taste so immediately evokes those aimless, lazy summers with just a sip of cool refreshing zing? Consider this the vape for days when you need that energy.

Raspberry Lemonade is exactly the kind of juice to turn to when you’re chasing that staycation life. It’s both refreshing and relaxing — like splitting your time between a nice hammock and running through a sprinkler.

The cool zing of lemon is balanced and expertly complemented by the sweet raspberry. Where other lemonade flavors might get overwhelmed by the tartness of the lemons, Raspberry Lemonade vape juice balances that bright taste with a light raspberry flavor, making it neither too sweet nor too tart.

 If you are hoping to grab a bit of that leisurely summer energy for yourself, then Raspberry Lemonade is a great juice to start with.

Jungle Juice by Relax Vape Juice

Relax liquid jungle juice

CBD is all the rage these days. Derived directly from the hemp plant, it can give you all the benefits of marijuana without the high of THC.

That makes CBD an appealing option for those looking to relax, alleviate pain, or sleep better without the mind-altering effects of weed. As such, you can find CBD in almost anything these days, from tinctures to edibles.

You can also vape it. Relax Vape Juice’s Jungle Juice flavor is perfect for those who want a big cloud of relaxation made from organic CBD hemp oil. This is a great flavor for anyone who's not trying to evoke a trip or a memory, but instead just get through the day as cool, calm, and collected as they can.

The light and sweet taste is perfect for whatever time of day and can help those looking to lessen pain or veg out and take a load off.

Blissful Relaxation by Healthy Vapes

Blissful Relaxation vape juice bottle

If you’re hoping for all the calm of essential oils without losing that refreshing fruitiness, don’t worry – there's a vape juice for that! Blissful Relaxation uses a delicious, sweet mango flavor as a perfect companion to herbs and essential oils you can count on for true tranquility.

Formulated by a certified master herbalist, the mango flavor mixes with oils from wild lettuce, rosemary, rosewood, and lavender to create a cool, relaxing effect, melting away anxiety and helping to balance the mind and body. It’s ideal for those who want a bit more naturalism in their vape routine.

Consider this the daily juice to turn to if you’re seeking to transform stress into enjoyable and refreshing relaxation.


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