The Top 5 Dessert Vape Juices For Vapers with a Sweet Tooth.

Assortment of amazing dessert flavors for vape juice

With all the effort and pain it takes to kick your smoking habit, sometimes you need to reward yourself with a treat. We’ve compiled some of the best dessert vape juices with exotic, sweet and salty, or rich and creamy flavors that will inspire your imagination.

These decadent treats come from reputable, high-quality vapers that put passion into their craft. The innovative work of these nostalgics, scientists, and award-winning chefs offer you a taste of some of your favorite treats, without all the carcinogens or calories.

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Why You Should Try Dessert Vape Juice

Quitting tobacco is hard. Sometimes you need a little encouragement, an exotic alternative to your old cigarettes. Passionate vapers around the country seek to make the experience not just a replacement for smoking, but rather an exciting alternative. Innovative and quirky flavor combinations can keep your mind off your old habits while providing you a taste that you genuinely enjoy.

If you’re a dessert fanatic, you can enjoy one of these treats without worrying about your waistline. Test out some peaches and cream as an after-dinner vape, or perhaps taste a little southern cobbler. If you aren't a fan of fruity, but you still want to branch out from classic tobacco flavors, then consider giving vanilla custard or chocolate cake vape juice a try.

Now, we know the risks here. There are hundreds of vape juice flavors on the market, and while bubble gum or cotton candy might sound alright in theory, you might have found that your expectations were dead wrong. That's why we've made a list of dessert vape juices made by experts, who not only use quality ingredients but also know their flavor profiles. No more buyer's remorse—Check out our top five favorite dessert vape juices.

Vanilla Custard by The Milkman

The Milkman's Vanilla Custard vape juice will bring you all the sweet, rich, and milky flavor of real custard cream. This vape will give you the full body of vanilla without any extra sugary sweetness. This may be the perfect choice if you want a classic without being overwhelmed by the dessert.

Served in 60ml bottles, this e-juice will satisfy your needs for a low-nicotine vape. Milkman uses VG in their products, offering you full-bodied, subtly-sweet flavor.

Milkman is an LA-based company specializing in dessert vapes. Inspired by the culture of the 1950s, they brand their products with top-tier design, capturing America’s fascination with sweet and creamy treats. While they try to recreate the flavors of your favorite homemade dessert, they also offer a range of classic tobacco flavors. Milkman is compliant with FDA standards.

Peaches and Cream by Cloudride

A real, southern treat, Cloudride's Peaches and Cream vape juice combines all the rich, milky flavor of cream, with the sweet, tangy back notes of ripe peach. Sweet, tart, and cool, Peaches and Cream is one of Cloudride's favorites.

Peaches and Cream has a high VG content for full-bodied flavor. Cloudride offers 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml bottles at competitive prices. While you can get this flavor in nicotine-free or low-nicotine varieties, it is also offered in a 12mg option for those that need an extra boost. Cloudride clients are faithful to the company because of their exceptional customer service.

They are an honest and innovative group of vapers based in New Jersey. Their team is passionate about making vaping a fun and rewarding alternative to smoking tobacco. They even have a James Beard Award-winning chef on their team, who puts his best into mixing up new, mind-blowing flavors.

South Peach Cobbler by VaporFi

Another way to make your way down South, VaporFi’s South Peach Cobbler offers a bit of cinnamon, fresh peach, and buttery, graham cracker crust, this vape will take you back to grandma’s place, right as the pie comes out of the oven.

Available in 30ml or 60ml bottles, VaporFi offers high-quality products from their FDA-approved lab. You won’t have to worry about diethylene glycol in these. VaporFi makes sure to use higher-than-food-grade ingredients, and they’re products are Kosher.

South Peach Cobbler is a top choice because of its unusual flavor combination that contains sweet, milky and salty notes. VaporFi is a leading producer of dessert-flavored vape juices, offering almost one-hundred different flavors of sweet treats alone. If you love their product, you can put it on auto-ship, and they’ll bring it to your door whenever you want it.

Capone by The Sauce LA

Fruity Cereal and Sweet Milk. Now that’s one we haven’t thought of before. Want a trip back to your childhood? Or maybe you’re one of those adults who still craves a sugary breakfast? The Sauce has recreated that flavor when all the sugar from the cereal dissolves into the milk at the bottom of the bowl.

The Sauce LA recommends you use a lower wattage to get all the complexities of the fruit, grains, and milk, but you may turn your vaper to a higher wattage if you want some more sweetness. This flavor is offered nicotine-free or at low nicotine levels, in either 30ml or 120ml bottles.

The Sauce is a Los Angeles-based company that seeks to re-innovate vape culture through high-quality ingredients and flavor design. They mix up their vape juices in an ISO 5 laboratory and then test their unique flavors thoroughly before putting them on the market. The Sauce wants you to have a brand you can trust that will give you an experience you remember.

Chocolate Cake by Cloudride

They say it’s hard to get chocolate flavors right, but Cloudride has hit it out of the park. This tried-and-true, chocolaty favorite smells of fudge in the package, with vapor that tastes exactly like the moist, decadent chocolate cake you love.

At 30PG/70VG, you’ll find this flavor has all the body and sweetness you’d expect in a fresh slice. Cloudride offers 15 to 60ml bottles with low- to mid-grade nicotine levels. Even the skeptics of this chocolate divinity have praised the faithfulness of its flavor. Another favorite in Cloudride's dessert line, Chocolate Cake, is a vape you have to try.


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