Top 6 Apple Flavored Vape Juices

Top 6 Apple Flavored Vape Juices

Great apple vape juice is deceptively hard to find, so we’re here to streamline your buying decision. If you’re in a hurry, check out Apple Hookah, which we’ll look at first below. If you want something with a twist, we’ve got a number of mixes to highlight, too—stick around.

So, what makes Apple Hookah so good?

Apple Hookah

This 20/80 PG/VG mix gives you the consistency you need for a smooth inhale with creamy clouds billowing out—and what a taste! The apple in this juice is undercut with a smokiness that will have you licking your lips for more. That delicate balance between sweetness and tartness comes off wonderfully.

With the flavor striking yet still subtle, this liquid works well as an all-day vape.

What other options do you have if you prefer apple with a twist?

Jam Monster Apple Jam

Jam Monster serves up a powerful blend of apple jam and buttered toast in this modern classic.

The taste of sweet apple comes on slowly as you inhale but continues to deliver. As you breathe out, you’ll get copious clouds thanks to the 75% VG content. The vapor is thick and fragrant, and you’ll soon be breathing in more of that vapor kissing your taste buds with freshness.

If you’re not sure about the tartness of some apple vape juices, and you’re tempted by those undertones of buttery, creamy toast, Apple Jam really is a must.

Pacha Mama Salts Apple Tobacco

Everybody has different requirements when it comes to vaping, so how about if you want the distinct taste of tobacco with nic salts for your pod or pen?

Pacha Mama Salts rolls out a customized version of the enduringly popular Apple Fuji blended in this option with a deep, rich tobacco. All that earthy tobacco would be too overpowering left unmolested. That’s where the burst of apple comes in and balances the flavor out completely.

Choose from 2% or 5% strengths depending on how you’re vaping. As with all nic salts, give this liquid a miss if you use a sub-ohm device.

Crisp Salts Apple Honey

Most apple vape juice tends to be green-apple-based. Apple Honey is something for all you red apple lovers out there looking for a sweet nicotine hit. As well as the crisp red apple, you’ve got dollops of honey coming through and giving you a super-sweet confection primed for your favorite nicotine. The taste comes on consistently, and you’ll enjoy vigorous clouds with a delicate fragrance that hovers in the air.

As with all these types of liquids, use only in pod-based vapes rather than sub-ohm devices.

VAPOR4LIFE Kiwi and Strawberry

VAPOR4LIFE’s WOW line of kiwi and strawberry complementing a classic apple is well worth your time.

Sometimes blends work more effectively than the sum of their parts, and this mixture is one such occasion. The tropical concoction works well as a first vape of the day and throughout the day, too, actually.

This juice comes either without nicotine or with a varying strength of nicotine, so be clear on what you want from your vape juice when purchasing.

VAPOR4LIFE Caramel Apple

Apple is one of those flavors that lends itself so well to other flavors, and this delectable caramel apple combo will catapult you back to apples on a stick at the country fair.

Imagine a crunchy red apple encased in all that dripping caramel and a subtle but cool inhale that keeps developing until you exhale relatively bulky clouds. If you’re put off by the thought of too much sweetness, don’t be. While it’s certainly noticeable, the caramel with this blend is not overpowering.

So, which of these apple vape juice flavors appeal the most?

Whether you want your liquid with or without nicotine, and whether you prefer your apple juice neat or mixed up, there’s something for everyone here.

Get in touch and let us know how you get on if you try any of the juices we highlighted today. Our favorite is still the Apple Hookah, but we’re always delighted to hear from happy vapers about their flavor favorites. Drop us a line any time!


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