49 Amazing Vape Juice Recipes for your Electronic Vape

49 Amazing Vape Juice Recipes for your Electronic Vape

49 Amazing Vape Juice Recipes for your Electronic Vape

Classics vape juice

1. Dark Espresso Morning Latte. Wake up and smell the realistic coffee!

2. Sticking with breakfast, how about Crunch? It's just like a box of your kids' favorite Captain Crunch with marshmallows and all.

3. Tale Of Taro. A root vegetable as a vape? It shouldn’t work, but it does - sweet and nutty, with hints of vanilla.

4. I Love Cookies Too is super sweet!

5. Strawberry Watermelon is one of the earliest flavors.

6. Ripe and fruity, the Amazing Mango is accurate to the fruit.

Fruity vape juice

7. Athena is a blend of different green apple tones. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially when you choose 0% nicotine!

8. Delicious Share A Moya With Cookie Crumble is a creamy tropical dream, with cookies crumbled on top.

9. Classic Apple Hookah is one of the most popular flavors. They make it, and then it sells out!

Classic Apple Hookah

10. Caribbean Punch has pineapple, strawberry, apples and apricot.

11. Like eating candy, but in a super sweet cloud: Strawberry Gummy.

12. Here’s a fruity e-liquid just like the silver screen star, Betty, is a classic beauty.

13. Not fishy at all, Poseidon is fruity to the max, with melon on top.

14. Sicker Than Most is fruit salad in a cloud: cream, tangerine, strawberry, and blueberry.

15. Mother’s Milk is classic strawberries and cream.

16. And you can’t miss Snozzberry! It’s really just a blend of melon and blue raspberry.

17. Try #71, which is sweet and sour peach.

Menthol vape juice

18. Refreshing Watermelon. This isn't overly sweet, but have they actually captured real watermelon or watermelon candy flavor?

19. Hawk Sauce isn’t a bird of pretty flavor; it's sweet and sour berries with menthol.

20. Thug Juice is berries and melon with menthol.

21. Lava Flow is not that hot - it’s a fruity mix of pineapple, strawberry and coconut.

Interested in a menthol alternative?

22. The Hawaiian Pog is inspired by the island’s famous cocktail. The vape comes with menthol, too.

Pastry vape juice

23. All Chocolate Cake. Can you get real chocolate flavor in a vape? This is as close as we’ve found!

All Chocolate Cake

24. Figtastic Rich Nougat Fig Newton in a vape? The world is mad - and we love it!

25. Derailed tastes like a Snickerdoodle cookie with banana juice and cinnamon.

26. No one knows what’s in the recipe for The O.B. but it’s a rich creamy e-liquid like a sweet cake.

27. Flesh and Bone is pastry with blueberries and peach slices.

28. Catatonic is a blueberry cheesecake with a cinnamon crumble base.

29. Top your pastries with Colossus, a blend of vanilla custard.

30. Artemis is a delicious berry cobbler. Bring on Thanksgiving!

31. During the holidays, there’s Rear Diff, a pumpkin-spice-latte-inspired blend.

32. Banana De Leche is banana drizzled in caramel.

33. And #32 is based on a cinnamon funnel cake. Delish!

34. Blackberry Crumble is a British take on a classic traditional desert.

35. Lemon Tart has a good mix of sharper, lemony elements and sugary sweetness.

36. Deviant is a mix of vanilla ice cream and cherry strudel.

Tobacco vape juice

37. Tobaccos Rolled in Fresh Cantaloupe. Californian melon vibes with genuine North Carolina tobacco taste. Weird, but it works.

Tobaccos Rolled in Fresh Cantaloupe

38. Why stop at melons? Some like Tobacco with Vanilla and Granola. Truly pushing the limits.

39. Butterscotch Reserve has tobacco hints with caramel and butterscotch.

40. Prelude has a robust tobacco flavor that is particularly smooth and slightly sweet.

41. Sonata is the one smokers often say is most accurate to tobacco.

42. Quartet is also a realistic tobacco flavor.

Weird and weirder

43. Moo Juice comes straight from the cow. Well, the cream flavor does, at least. It also tastes like strawberries!

44. If you could bottle the essence of Marilyn Monroe, it would be Monroe. It's creamy vanilla custard with hints of butterscotch and warm caramel drizzle.

45. Cloud Science Alpha is a super sweet mix of strawberries and spun sugar.

46. The Milk is brown sugar, milk and fruit cereal.

47. Now we’re getting sexy with M.B.Y.C. The acronym is in the urban dictionary. Luckily, the vape tastes of praline, vanilla ice cream and custard.

48. Perhaps the most amazing vape juice is Unicorn Vomit, flavored with rainbow sherbet.

49. Or is it Unicorn Pooh? A mix of fruit-striped gum, blueberry, pomegranate, pineapple, mango, and bubblegum - what DO those unicorns eat?!

Crazy flavors are great fun, but it’s advised to stick to reputable manufacturers only, ideally those regulated by the FDA. Always avoid any e juice with diacetyl, acetoin or acetyl propionyl.

Happy vaping!


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